Je t’aime!

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Inside of me there is a place…Where my sweetest dreams reside; where my highest hopes are kept alive; where my deepest feelings are felt; and where my favorite memories are tucked away, safe and warm. My heart is a lasting source of happiness. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside and stay there forever. And every time I get in touch with the hopes, feelings, and memories in my heart. I realize you are very important with me!

Do you know? When I saw you, I found all the happiness that life can offer and how wonderful it is to share heartfelt moments with someone I cannot imagine life without… When I saw you, I found strength in companionship and how necessary it is to be able to lean on someone in times of need. I found what it feels like to support someone’s hopes and to appreciate building new dreams together, and to trust in all the future holds…When I saw you, I found how special it is to accept a person for who they are and what they can bring to your life in expected and unexpected ways. I found that the greatest gift anyone can ever give can only come from the heart, because when I saw you, I love you!

I want you to know…! You have so many things no one else will ever have. You have my admiration, for being such an incredibly precious person. You have my unending gratitude, for the way you brighten my life. You have my hopes, all gently hoping you know how glad I am that you warmed my world and touched my very soul. You have my every affection. You have my desires and dreams. You have the most beautiful wishes the stars and I can wish, and my prayer that someday I’ll be able to thank you for all this. You have a standing invitation to share the days with me, and to be the one and only person who holds the key to my happiness. You have my sweet appreciation, for taking my smiles places that my heart has only dreamed of. You have empty pages in the story of your life; Pages I’d like us to write togerther…filling them with memories we’ll make and stories that will travel beside us and carry us over whatever comes along. You even have things there are no words for. You have all my love, now and forever. And you’ll always have me, my “ thank – God – for you” feelings, and sooo much love!

If anyone ever asks me: What part of my life you are. I will just look at them and smile and say: “ The best part and the most important”. The happiness you give me is something I’ll never be able to get enough of. I love having you in my world. And I love having you to love.

My dearest! You matter more to me than you can imagine and much more than I’ll ever be able to explain. The nicest feeling I’ve ever known is being in love with you. And I want to thank you for these feelings…! 

I love you! I’m really trying to say so much more than just those three little words. I’m trying to express so many wonderful feelings about you. I’m trying to say that you mean more to me than anyone else in the world. I’m trying to let you know that I adore you and that I cherish you. I’m trying to explain that I want you and I need you and that I get lost in wonderful thoughts every time I think about you. I’m trying to remind you that you’re the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. I love you!

My love! I could mention it to you every single day, but I still couldn’t say often enough how much I love being together with you. I want you to see for yourself some of the things I quietly thank you for when I get lost in my thoughts of you. I always find that such an enormous part of my happiness comes from sharing this dream come true. You might sometimes wonder about where we’re headed and whether love will last a lifetime through. Time will help us with the results. But we may not know the answer, and I’ll tell you the one thing I do know: “ Here’s no one I’d rather try to spend forever with… than you!”. I want you to read this… today and then again from time to time, just as a reminder of how much I love you!

My dearest! I love you. So much. And so amazingly. I want to be with you… and I want this love story to have a very happy… by never, ever ending at all. If I didn’t have you, I don’t know what I would do. For with you, I have so much. Such sweetness. Happiness. And love. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You bring me feelings that know no limits, and smiles that never go away. You are a part of every day of my life, whether you are close enough to touch or out of reach to all but my hopes and my dreams. In everything, it seems like my life was just waiting for you. And with you here, I want you to know that I love you, now and forever!

I love you… love you so much. I love having you in my life. It has never been the same since you came into it, and I know it will never be the same again. You are always inside of me, warm within my heart, and you are everywhere in the world that surrounds me. You take my soul places it’s never been before. You can give me more of you than I ever knew anyone could give. You have made my sun rise on so many mornings. And I’m sure it was you who made my stars come out at night. You’ve surprised me with the gifts of hope and laughter and love, and you’ve made me a believer in something I never used to have too much faith in: the notion that dreams really can come true.

I love you more than words can say. Our love will make everything so beautiful in life. I have always loved you and I know I always will.

I will love you, my dearest, always…! I’ll love you till the stars don’t shine, till the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme. And I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind. I want to give to run my fingers through your hair, touch your lips, to hold you near. I want to pull you near, say the words you’re been needing to hear, and say to you till the end of time… Yeah, I will love you, my love! If you to told me to cry for you. I could…! If you want me to die for you. I would…! Take a look at my face, there’s no price. I won’t pay, to say these words you. I love you, now and forever! You know it’s true. Every thing I do, I do it for you. There’s no love, like your love, and no other, could give more love. You know it’s true. I love you!

I am so glad that you are a part of my life. It is such a privilege, to know you, to share myself with you, and to walk together on the paths that take us in so many beautiful directions. Because no other feeling compares with the sweetness, the warmth, and the wonder of you.

You really are amazing. I feel very lucky to have been given the gift of knowing how special you are. I care about you so much. And that caring and that feeling have a meaning that is more precious and more special to me than words can begin to describe. But let me try to tell you this… Saying “ I care” means that I will always do everything I can to understand. It means that I will never hurt you. It means that you can trust me. It means that you can tell me what’s wrong. It means that I will try to fix what I can, that I will listen when you need me to hear. And that, even in your most difficult moment, all you have to do is say the word, and your hand and my hand will not be apart. It means that whenever you speak to me, whether words are spoken through a smile or through a tear… I will listen with my heart.

I promise to be for you…! A place you can come to for comfort. Eyes you can look at and trust. A hand to reach out and clasp. A heart that understands and doesn’t judge. A supportive shoulder to cry on. A long walk anywhere you want to go. A close and caring intimacy that you will always know. A door that is always open. A caring, gentle hug. A time that is devoted to you alone. A person love you…long enough to last a lifetime. When you are with me, you will know that you are in the presence of someone who makes your life more complete than you ever dreamed it could be…!

I will try to find a thousand ways of telling you that you are so important to me. My whole life long, I will remember every precious thing about you. I will cherish you, care about you, and hold you close to my heart…long enough to last a lifetime!

I hope you’ll stay forever, too. I feel like you’re my soul mate. And I want you to know that my world is reassured by you, by tomorrows need to have you near, so many of my smiles depend on you, and my heart want to say that:

” Your heart is my home
Warm, cozy and nice!
It’s the only place I love to be in
Morning, noon and night!
Je t’aime! “



5 responses to “Je t’aime!”

  1. cabadak says :

    đẹp trang web .. Tôi xin chúc mừng … Tôi thích nó.
    Daha iyi bir çeviri öner

  2. cabadak says :

    đẹp trang web .. Tôi xin chúc mừng … Tôi thích nó.

  3. tuong vy says :

    can u imagine such a passionate love?

  4. tuong vy says :

    can you imagine such a passionate love?

  5. Chiaki says :

    Sigh, i wish i could tell my lover these words, it’s so lovely!

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